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A read-along or read-with book for Ages 4-8


Anya has come to spend the winter with her Oma Sonia. (Oma means Grandmother) Oma Sonia lives in the snow-covered forests of Siberia. These forests are also full of wolves. Anya is terrified of wolves. One night Anya hears noises in the snow outside the cabin. Are those wolves Anya hears…or something else? Will she overcome her fear and find a new friend? Join Anya as she meets

              The Dog in Wolf’s Clothing

"I love that it is educational, informing, and cute. I'm glad the author chose to include characters from another culture. You can't help but fall in love with Anya, and the dog. Very well done!"


"I loved this story, and the illustrations were beautiful! What child hasn't been afraid? I love how Anya gets to overcome her fears and I really loved the dog star of this book."



Barnes & Noble


We all know Santa has reindeer to pull his sleigh.  But do you know how he got them?  Or why he chose reindeer and not some other animal?


Simply by opening these pages, you can find out "How Santa got his Reindeer."


Indie_Book_Award_Nominee copy.png

"A very charming story. Who knew why Santa chose reindeer for his sleigh? This delightful book reveals the answer in a perfectly logical way. The illustrations are wonderful and add to the story. Every child would love this fun book."

Old Cowboy

"My children absolutely loved this book. This is our first Christmas after divorce. Things have been very tough for them. The back-and-forth living is hard for them to understand. Girls four and seven are learning to split time between Mother and Father. This story definitely gave them an understanding that Santa will be able to deliver to both of their homes. My eldest loved it so much she wanted to sign it. Thanks for making this easier, Pam!"


Barnes & Noble


Every child wants to feel accepted. For some, feeling like they are a winner is a big part of that acceptance. If a child enters a contest and wins a prize, they feel like they are a big part of their family and society in general. This delightfully illustrated story tells the tale of such a child. He enters a contest, not knowing what the actual prize will be. He only knows he will receive a pet of some sort if he wins. He does win, but his prize is unusual and one he can't keep because he needs the proper place to provide her with a safe and happy home. His task becomes one of finding that perfect location. With the help of his sister and parents, the new pet finds the perfect home, and the child realizes that winning is an attainable goal.

"The Prize Surprise is a delightful story about taking on challenges, making decisions, and following your heart."

Ananya H

I loved reading The Prize Surprise. It will captivate a child's interest. The rich illustrations catch the eye, encouraging imagination and curiosity. Children will love to learn about animals, their sounds, and their food. The language is age-appropriate, and the writing style follows a rhyming scheme that sets the rhythm and tone, making it an enjoyable read."

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